Why the girl in the picture is not wearing a skirt

The girl in this cute picture is NOT wearing a dress or a skirt.

But we did notice she has a pair of socks.

And that they’re really, really cute.

And they’re not only adorable, they’re also pretty easy to wear.

You just have to know how to put on socks and wear them.

Here are the steps to make the most of these cute socks.


Cut a long piece of yarn.

We recommend using a large length of yarn like a wool yarn for this, because they’re super soft.


Use the yarn to make a cute sock.

You’ll need: two pairs of scissors, a needle, a crochet hook, a tapestry needle, two buttons, and a little bit of yarn for each sock.


Cut the socks and sew them together.

You can also use a small piece of scrap yarn to sew them into the ends of the socks.


Take the scissors out of the tapestries needle and cut out the ends.

You don’t need to use a sharpie.

Just cut the ends into a neat, long rectangle and sew the ends together.


Use a crochet stitch to sew the socks to the fabric.

Use either a 1½-inch crochet hook or a ¼-inch circular needle.


Start sewing the socks together.

They’ll need to be snug and secure, so be careful not to tear the fabric, which will ruin the cute sock look.


Repeat with the other socks and repeat.


You should now have three cute socks in each sock, ready for you to wear!

Make sure you get two pairs so you can keep the two matching socks to each other.


If you’re having trouble sewing them together, you can also make the ends look more formal with the scraps of yarn you cut out for the sleeves and the buttonholes.

Use scrap yarn for that.


Now you have three adorable socks to wear in a day.

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