Why did you wear a pair of socks with your dad?

The first time I went to my dad’s house, I wore a pair with my sister.

I thought it was cute, but it was a little odd for a man who had never done anything like that before.

We had come from a long way away and the two of us had been separated for years, so we were only speaking by phone.

When I went back home to Australia, I had a different pair of feet.

As I told him the story later, he was genuinely surprised.

He was not surprised at my mother’s sudden death, or the fact I had not given birth yet.

What he was surprised by was my dad wearing socks.

That was, after all, the first time my mother wore socks to him.

It was the first sock that my father wore.

My mum would wear socks to her son.

At first I was confused and confused and felt I had been given the wrong instructions.

But when I looked at her, she was dressed in a pink dress, her hair was combed back, and she was wearing socks, she looked exactly like my dad.

She wore socks because they were fun, and they were for him.

She wore them because she had a lot of money, and that was why she had them.

The sock was her way of saying that she had enough and that she did not need to rely on anyone else.

If she could afford shoes, socks were the way to go.

There were a lot more things in life that could be done without shoes, but shoes were the only thing that could get you there.

In fact, socks helped to make the transition from my mother to my father.

His socks were a way of telling me I was different from the other kids.

They made me feel like I was something I was not.

Because my father was not a professional carpenter, he had to do the work himself.

Socks were an investment in his future.

And my father always knew when I had the right socks.

He knew when to pick out the right pair, and when not to pick them out.

Before I went on holiday with my mother, my dad was a carpenter.

So socks were an important part of his wardrobe.

Then one day, he told me he had found the right ones.

‘Don’t worry,’ he said.

‘I have been using them ever since.

I will get them back for you.’

I was very grateful for the socks.

I would be wearing them again.

Now that my mother had passed away, I was very happy.

One day when I was in my final year of primary school, I asked my teacher what I should wear.

Her answer was that I should not be embarrassed to wear socks.

That was my cue.

A couple of years later, my mother took me to her house for dinner and told me about her new sock collection.

“Now, you don’t have to wear them anymore,” she said.

“You can put on your socks and do whatever you like.”

That day, I thought to myself, ‘If I’m going to have my own socks, I want them now.’

I bought my mum’s socks.

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