Which are the world’s softiest socks?

The best socks for men and women are among the softest, according to new research.

The socks were tested by experts in London, who found that men’s and women’s socks were both softest at around 30 to 35 per cent.

Men’s socks are a lot softer than women’s, but the difference was not statistically significant.

But in the test of more than a million pairs of socks, women’s tops were softest and men’s socks the least.

The study by the Royal College of Surgeons examined the softness of the socks made from 1,500 different types of materials.

It said that the socks had a “thickness” of around 12 per cent compared to just over 1 per cent for the same size of cotton sock.

In comparison, a cotton t-shirt with the same thickness would have a thickness of around 10 per cent, the researchers found.

The researchers found that there was also a difference in the thickness of socks made of wool, silk, cotton, wool and synthetic fibres.

In addition, the socks were made from different fabrics.

For example, silk socks were softer than cotton, whereas wool socks were soft.

Women’s socks had the smallest thickness of 12 per the men’s.

The authors said that while the softnesses are quite significant, they could not be relied upon for the average person to get the best fit.

They also said the results were not meant to suggest that people should buy a pair of socks.

However, they said that some people might prefer a soft pair of sock in their everyday wardrobe.

“However, the soft socks that have been tested are still soft enough that most people will wear them comfortably in a pair with socks that are too soft to be comfortable.””

However, the soft socks that have been tested are still soft enough that most people will wear them comfortably in a pair with socks that are too soft to be comfortable.”

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