What’s the difference between a sock and a shoe?

When it comes to shoes, there are a few things that make them different than socks.

For starters, a sock has a much lower profile than a shoe.

A sock is much less stretchy and lightweight than a pair of socks, which can be a disadvantage in wet weather and can cause some shoe-related foot infections.

And a sock is only slightly taller than a sneaker, so it’s not quite as comfortable as a pair.

But most importantly, socks don’t have to be made from cotton, wool or rubber.

They can be made with any of these materials, so the choice is yours.

And as you might imagine, these are some of the biggest selling points for people who want to make their own socks.

They’re lightweight, stretchy, durable, durable and comfortable.

So what are the main differences between socks and shoes?

A sock’s main feature is the fact that they’re made from fibers called wicks.

These wicks are typically made from a mixture of fibers such as cotton, nylon, wool, or leather.

Wool and other synthetic fibers have a very high thermal conductivity, making them ideal for socks.

The wicks used in socks are also very soft and will stretch to allow for comfort.

The problem with synthetic fibers is that they absorb water, which leads to a high water retention.

And since wicks can dry out and become sticky, it can make socks uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.

Plus, synthetic wicks have a tendency to break down over time, which means that you’ll probably need to use more of them than your normal socks.

Plus when it comes time to wash your socks, the wicks will dry out more than the cotton ones, which may not be a problem when it’s only the wicking that is problematic.

So a sock’s wicking is what makes it a great option for making your own socks, but if you want to keep them lightweight and comfortable, then cotton is the way to go.

Wool socks are lighter than cotton socks, so they won’t be as warm as cotton.

And while cotton is a bit stiffer, they won

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