Which is your favorite? Women or men?

Crocs, socks and hiking socks are the most popular men’s socks.

The Canadian Association of Sportswear Manufacturers said women love the Crocs socks, but men love the hiking socks.

(Supplied: The Association of Canadian Sportswears Manufacturers) “Crocs are the go-to for women because they’re comfortable, easy to wear, versatile and easy to wash,” said Karen Meehan, chief marketing officer for the association.

The association is one of the major players in the market.

There are several brands that are making women’s hiking socks and crocs more affordable, Meegan said.

The women’s category is growing fast and is growing at a faster rate than men’s, she said.

“We are really excited to see women embrace this,” Meehen said.

She said that, over the past few years, there has been a rise in women wearing hiking socks as they have a variety of other clothing options available.

A man walks past the display window of the Canadian Association for Sportswearing Manufacturers in Montreal, Quebec, on Oct. 26, 2018.

(Photo: Thibault Camus/The Canadian Press via AP) Meehans research shows that women are spending more money on their footwear.

The average Canadian woman spends $14 on footwear and $9 on clothing, while the average man spends $7.

Meehs research shows women are buying shoes at a higher rate than males, which means that women can have a better selection of footwear options, Mees research said.

It’s also the case that women spend more on shoes than men.

“Women are buying a lot more footwear in general, and we’re seeing an increase in men’s shoes,” she said, noting that men have been wearing more women’s styles for years.

But it’s not just footwear, Moohs research also shows that men and women wear the same types of clothing on the same days of the week.

“There are also some women who are more active than others and choose to wear a pair of hiking socks instead of running socks because they can,” she added.

“So that could be a big factor as well.”

Meehmans research also found that women prefer hiking socks with an underarm ridge over an ankle ridge.

She thinks this is a bit of a misconception.

“The underarm is actually the part that’s really good for keeping your legs warm,” Moohmans said.

But she said that a lot of women wear a variety to choose from.

“I think a lot people get the idea that it’s for people with long legs and people with narrow legs.

They don’t realize that the underarm area is actually a good spot for your feet,” she explained.

Moohms research also showed that women like to wear sneakers, but not too much. “

If you have a very narrow ankle, then it’s kind of like you’re wearing a shoe that you don’t want to wear,” she noted.

Moohms research also showed that women like to wear sneakers, but not too much.

She suggested that you go for sneakers that are longer than you usually wear.

Shoes that are shorter, she suggested, could also be a good option for women.

Moos research also also shows men are much more interested in the crocs.

“Men and women are interested in this kind of product,” she stated.

“It’s very different from anything that you would wear in your typical shoes.”

Moohn said Crocs are a great option for men because of the versatility of them.

“Croc socks are a really versatile pair of socks,” she suggested.

But MooHns research also pointed out that Crocs and hiking shoes are not the only products that men love.

Men love hats, hats, coats, shoes, accessories, jewelry and so much more.

Mees study also showed women have a preference for women’s clothes, particularly hats.

“That’s something that’s been happening for a long time, but it’s only been on the rise now,” she continued.

“Hats are becoming more and more popular as men become more active, and that means they like to have more options.”

Men love the croc socks, and they’re also attracted to hats, Moos said.

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