How to wear your new neuropathy gear

Vetements, Red and Nikes are the two most popular brands of socks for the new year.

The sock company’s tag line on its website, “We can cure your foot, now, with socks”, means they’ll treat your foot in a different way than any other shoe brand.

Vetements and Red socks are designed to help reduce the pain and inflammation of your foot while also giving you some comfort.

The company says that with these new socks, your foot is no longer the focus of your daily life.

“The pain is gone, your pain is reduced,” says John O’Connell, senior VP of human performance at Vetements.

“What you wear now is not a distraction, but rather a companion for you, it’s the first step towards healing your foot.”

Nike says the new socks will help you heal faster, reduce the swelling and increase circulation in your foot.

“With the latest innovation in socks, you can experience the feeling of the toes in your feet, and feel a great difference in the comfort you have while wearing your socks,” says Matt Sperling, president of Nike Footwear.

“Nike Footwear socks are made to last and deliver a feeling of comfort, yet you can also wear them in a casual way with a touch of style.”

The new shoes are available at the Vetements store for $90 a pair and on Amazon for $59.

The new sock trend is attracting attention around the world.

“People are talking about their foot, their feet, their foot,” says Dr Michael Koehler, chief executive of the Foot Care Research and Education Association.

“It’s something we’re talking about all the time.

There’s so much interest in how people are using them.”

The New Year has brought an array of new footwear brands to market.

The likes of Air Max and Sneakerabix have come in to market, but the best shoes of the year are the ones that you wear when you get on the bus, on the train or at a hotel.

It’s been called the ‘first year of sock therapy’ and Dr Koehl says he hopes the new style will be an instant hit with consumers.

“We’re seeing a big increase in the number of people wanting to wear socks as part of their holiday attire, but there’s still a long way to go,” he says.

“There’s a lot more work to do in terms of making the socks fit and feel right.”

The best of the best of 2016The best shoes in 2016 include:Read more:Follow the Australian footcare community on Twitter:Read the latest news in Australian foot care

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