How to wear a dress sock without being creepy and still look cute

A friend recently shared this photo on Instagram with the caption, “I wear socks without making people uncomfortable, but sometimes I wish I did.”

The comment garnered over 1,000 likes and nearly 700 comments.

While it may be a bit cheesy, I think it captures the essence of what I like about wearing socks: They’re a simple, comfortable way to keep your feet warm, comfortable, and looking fabulous while doing so.

Here are some tips to keep socks simple and simple yet still stylish.


Wear socks with the right footwear.

A dress sock is perfect for casual wear or casual outings where you want to keep them dry and comfortable.

A pair of socks with a lightweight, loose-fitting pair of shoes like a pair of Nike Running Works shoes will work perfectly for that.

If you prefer to wear them in a more formal setting, consider wearing them with a pair with an athletic trainer on the back, which will help keep the feet dry while you work out.

A formal sock also keeps your feet more comfortable while you’re exercising.

A simple pair of white socks will also look great with a formal outfit.


Make sure you don’t get too cute.

While socks may look cute, they should always be worn in a casual way and never overthink it.

If your socks are too short, you can’t even see them on the other person’s feet, which can be a sign that they’re too tight.

Also, if you wear a long pair of skinny socks, you may inadvertently make your legs look long, which may make you feel short too.

To keep your socks comfortable, it’s best to try wearing them on a pair that’s a bit longer than your feet, so you can see the toes on the sock and make sure they’re comfortable.


Choose a sock that doesn’t make you look like a freak.

If it’s a casual sock, you’ll never look like you’re a freak and you’ll definitely look better than you actually are.

If a pair is meant for a formal event, choose a sock with a slightly smaller foot size, which gives you room to breathe and lets you feel confident while working out.

If they’re meant for something more formal, opt for a pair in a size that fits your feet and a casual, loose, and flexible one.

You’ll still look like an adorable and comfortable kid, so the best way to do that is to make sure you pick a sock you like and you don

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