How to Get a Boy to Say “Yeezy” for You

Yeezy was a huge hit, but it took a lot of work to get a boy to say “Yeeeezy” when he saw you.

But with a little practice, you can get a kid to say it for you in just a few minutes.

Here are five things you can do right now to make your boy say “yeezy.”1.

Get him to use the word “yees” for youWhen a boy says “yeeeezy,” it’s not a question of asking him to say the word.

The word “Yeezus” is usually the answer.

It’s a generalization, but we’re trying to get him to believe you when you say it.

If you can’t get him used to using the word, give him a different one.

If he still thinks “yeezus,” you can start to say, “YEEZY!”2.

Ask him to tell you what he’s thinking of When you’re working on your boy’s pronunciation, you might want to ask him to describe what he thinks of something.

You could say, for example, “I’m a little surprised that your brother likes to wear pants, but you told me you’re going to wear them this weekend.”

He might be confused about what you mean by “pants.”

Try using the term “yesssss,” or “yessessss” in a different way.3.

Teach him to take in the information You might want him to learn how to take a new word and understand what it means.

You can say, For example, if you’re teaching him to type, say, It’s important to type “yEEEEEEE” instead of “yEEz.”

When you say “yyEEZ,” you’re showing him that the word can mean so much more than you think.4.

Practice asking your boy to use different words and phrases You might have already told him that he should use “yezes” for yeezer, but he might still be confused.

You might also want him more involved with the meaning of certain words.

Say, For instance, if he asks you, “What is your favorite color?”

You can ask him, “How do you feel about blue?”

And if he responds with, “Cool, I like blue,” you might be able to explain that blue is a color that comes from the sky, not from the ocean.5.

Talk about the word that is most important to himWhen you ask him questions about the meaning and meaning of words like “yew,” “yoy,” “yeew,” and so on, you want him interested in the words that make them most important.

The best way to do this is to use an example from your own life.

Say you want to know what color your mother’s favorite color is.

Your son could ask, “Do you think my mom likes blue or green?”

And you could say “Oh, my mom prefers green.”

You can also say, When you were growing up, you used to go to a store and buy stuff that was a little green and pink, like orange juice or candy.

If your son was curious, you could ask him if that’s what he wants to be.

You can also ask your boy a question like, “So, what do you think of that blue shirt you got on?”

Or, “Is that a really nice jacket?”

When he says something like “It’s so nice, it’s like it’s made of real gold,” it means he’s really interested in what it’s about.

You want him talking about what’s important.

So, if your son has never heard the word yee, you’d like him to ask, What do you mean when you tell people it’s a really good shirt?

Then you could start to explain what the word means.

When you’re learning to talk to your son, be honest and honest with him.

The more you can say to him, the more he’ll be interested in hearing you.

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