How to choose the best basketball socks for the summer

If you’re going to spend the summer with your kids in a traditional sock-and-t-shirt combination, don’t be afraid to get creative.

Here are 10 ways to try out different sock and t-shirt combinations to get your kids excited about playing with you.


Kids don’t need to be wearing socks or shirts to play in the park.

Socks and shirts can make a great summer activity, but you’ll want to give your kids a chance to explore outside the comfort of their own home, according to Matt Buehlman, co-owner of Blue Mountain Park, a non-profit park that offers a variety of activities for kids.

“A lot of people think that because kids are spending more time outside they’ll get sick or get cold,” Buehrman said.

“But we know that actually playing outside with their friends is the best way to keep kids healthy and active.”

Buehlsman and his wife, Stephanie, created Blue Mountain Kids’ Summer Socks, a range of sock-towel combinations designed to provide kids with the flexibility to play outdoors in an easy-to-manage set of socks.

Blue Mountain Parks’ Kids’ Socks include a variety sock-like items for kids to play with, including a basketball sock, a soft-tissue sock, and a cotton t-shirts that you can use as a blanket, for example.


Kids can play outside in their socks and tshirts.

The Socks of Freedom are perfect for the outdoors and for play in a t- or sneakers.

The kids-friendly items are available at Blue Mountain parks around the country, including Blue Mountain in Oregon, Blue Mountain Resort in Washington, and Blue Mountain Playground in California.

The park is also offering a variety outdoor gear, including t-shirts, socks, shoes and a blanket for kids in the parks and playgrounds.


Kids will love wearing their own socks.

A sock-wearing combo can also be an effective summer activity.

When you’re looking for a fun summer activity for kids, Buegelman said, he recommends socks for a variety types of activities.

For example, he’s especially excited about socks that are warm, stretchy and easy to put on, he said.

Kids love to stretch out and get cozy with their socks, and they love wearing socks as accessories or to add to their wardrobe.


Kids like socks.

In fact, kids enjoy playing with socks even more than they like wearing socks.

They like to use them as an accessory or add to a dress, and if you make the right sock choices, kids will be excited to put their socks on, Bueser said.


Kids are comfortable with multiple sock choices.

Kids who prefer different sock designs can also have fun playing with different sock styles, he added.

For instance, kids who prefer sock socks with a different color pattern can wear their socks with different colors, and kids who like to wear socks in different patterns can have different socks.

If your kids are into different sock sizes and color patterns, you’ll be able to make sock-making fun, Budehlman said, adding, “Sock makers can make fun socks for kids of all sizes.”


Sock designs that kids love.

There are a variety to choose from, including traditional socks, cotton socks and stretchy sock designs.

The variety is just one way that kids will enjoy exploring the outdoors, Buedler said.

For children, Bucellas said, they’ll also enjoy playing in their own t- and sneakers.

If you have children who are older than 10 years old, Burellas recommends wearing socks with high-waisted socks for children ages 10 to 12.

Sleeves can also add a fun touch, as long as they’re at least three inches below the knee.

“Kids are great at grabbing hold of socks,” Bucellias said.


Sledding is great for outdoor play.

Slinging is one of the best ways to add some variety to your summer activities, Bühlman added.

Kids have a lot of fun playing in a variety, sock-sized areas, including playgrounds, playgrounds with sand, sand-covered grass, and sand-filled trails.

Kids also love to go on sand-themed adventures, Buhlman said — including a sand castle at Blue Peak Resort in Oregon — where sand and sanding are included in the fun.

Kids especially enjoy playing on their own sand, Buelhman said; the fun will keep kids smiling and excited to explore.


Kids appreciate having a parent who knows how to get them excited.

Buehsman said that the importance of having a mom or dad who is able to teach kids the basics of sport or a teacher who is knowledgeable about a variety sport activities can be helpful.

He recommends a parent to be a

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