Merino wool sock with sandal for the feet

Merino is the world’s most popular wool, and it’s no wonder that many of the world has high hopes for its durability and comfort.

But as the world matures, the material is increasingly being found in the pockets of everyday clothing and accessories, and is also being used to make things like shoes and socks.

In a new study, scientists at Harvard Medical School have tested a new version of Merino that’s been tested on animals to determine if it can be used to help keep people with chronic and progressive health conditions, like arthritis and multiple sclerosis, well.

The study, published today in Science Translational Medicine, involved 20 animals with a range of different health conditions and compared the results with a conventional wool sock.

Researchers found that the new Merino, which was developed by a company called Merino Wool, could lower the risk of death from heart attacks and stroke by 30 percent, and reduce blood clotting in the lungs by up to 60 percent.

While the company says that the socks themselves are not made with the Merino compound, they do have a special woven material, called neoprene, that helps prevent clots.

Researchers also found that merino has a significant amount of bioflavonoids that help prevent infection.

As the scientists note in the study, they’ve also found a significant increase in blood circulation, so it’s not a completely new material.

The researchers also found the socks could be made to fit different body types.

Merino has been used for thousands of years in textile production, and the socks were designed for both men and women.

But for many years, it was thought that men had more flexibility and could wear the socks on their feet.

“We thought that, since men are more susceptible to infection, they could wear these socks for longer periods of time without injury,” said lead author David Gans, the lead author of the study.

In recent years, researchers have found that women who use the socks as a footstool may need more support than men.

They also note that men can also wear the footstools on their legs, which could cause them to lose flexibility.

However, Gans says the research shows that Merino socks can be worn by men as well.

They have been tested for more than a decade, and have not had any problems.

“In a lot of cases, we have a lot more women in the field, and they wear these on their thighs or on their knees, and in some cases we’ve seen it work well for them,” Gans said.

“It’s not just for men.”

Gans and his colleagues are now trying to get a wider audience to test the socks, and to see if the socks can work in a wide variety of conditions.

They’ve also been testing a version of the Merinos for people who have a heart condition, or people who are at increased risk of developing it.

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