Supreme socks and superwash underwear have a more than $2 billion market value

SUPREME socks and ultra-wash underwear are selling for as much as $2.6 billion in the United States, a new report has revealed.

The report, released Thursday by UBS Wealth Management, examined a new set of SuperSupreme socks and Supreme Supremes that are selling on the secondary market for as high as $1.5 billion.

It also revealed the most popular Supreme sock is the new Supreme 3 by Adidas, with a market value of $1,097 million.

Socks from other companies, including Nike, were also on the list, but it was unclear if they were making up for lost sales.

The UBS report does not look at the performance of a company or its business.

But it does show that SuperSupremes have made up a significant portion of sales of ultra-shoes and socks.

“The SuperSupres have seen their sales growth accelerate significantly over the past few years,” the report said.

“Socks and underwear sales are expected to accelerate again in the near future.”

Socks are the largest category of shoes on the market, with sales of $14.7 billion last year, according to the UBS study.

Supreme socks are made with an extra layer of elastic, with the top of the sock being a stretchy fabric.

They have a soft touch, and the fabric can be cut to any size.

Sneakers, with their high-top, flexible upper, have become a popular fashion trend.

But Supremas and Supremestes have a lot in common.

The former are made from a super soft material, while the latter are made out of high-tech fabrics, like a super stretchy nylon.

Supreme socks are also made from super stretch, like the SuperSupreem.

Supreem shoes are made to be worn by a wide range of sizes, but most people wear the shoes with a tight fit.

The Super Supreems have a few features that appeal to a wider audience, including their low-profile and easy-to-clean appearance.

The socks can be washed, but they are not as clean as most other superwash or superwash+ sneakers.

They also are not a great alternative to sandals, because they can become slippery if they get wet.

SuperSupreme is also more durable than most sneakers, the report found.

They can take on some of the most severe knocks and falls that come from sandals.

The Supremem shoes also have a “friction-absorbing” layer that absorbs the friction and dirt from shoes.

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