Why are women’s socks so much cheaper than men’s?

In a new study, researchers from the University of Queensland found women’s and men’s socks are identical in price.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that while the two-piece styles offered an attractive alternative to traditional pairs, they were both made from materials that were often made from toxic or synthetic materials.

Researchers from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University said they looked to understand why the materials were used, but found the answers were not readily apparent.

“It seems that both the men and women’s designs are made with similar materials, including nylon, polyester and polyurethane,” Professor Chris McBride, a research fellow at the School, said.

He said the main reason why the men’s and women, and especially women’s, socks were so similar was because they were all made with the same material.

“[It] is possible that the same materials have been used to create these two-sided socks, but this cannot be confirmed for sure,” he said.

The study looked at the impact of different manufacturing techniques used to make the same socks, from making them in a factory in China to making them at home.

The researchers found that when making the two pieces of socks, they used the same manufacturing methods, including the same cotton yarn and fabric.

And while they had different sizes, they did not change the shape of the sock at all.

Professor McBride said the study was the first to look at how materials were made.

As the study showed, women’s men’s, women-only and both-sided designs were produced using the same two-part cotton yarn, he said, which was also the same fabric used to manufacture the socks.

However, Professor McBride cautioned that the research was limited by the fact that the socks were made in different factories and that they did use different materials, but the study could not be used to determine what the exact composition of the materials actually were.

“The only way to make a conclusive determination on the actual composition of these materials would be to use the same chemical analyses we have done on the women’s product, which we have not done,” he explained.

While the study did not address whether the women and men are different in how they manufacture socks, Professor Michael Cope from the Faculty of Engineering at the Queensland University of Technology said that if a material was used for a design, it was likely that it would have a significant impact on the properties of the material.

“I think that it’s pretty clear from the research that the women are made of more durable materials that are not quite as breathable,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

Mr Cope said the team did not know why the material was being used for the women, but they were looking into that.

“It’s likely that we have a little bit of an idea, because it seems that the fabrics are very light,” he added.

Dr McBride told the ABC the research highlighted that “we don’t know what the materials are actually made of, but we know that the material itself has a very high impact on performance.”

The study was conducted at the same time as research into the chemical properties of polyureths found that women’s polyurea (a type of nylon) and men’ polyureia (a kind of polyester) were significantly different.

The research was funded by the Australian Science Foundation and was published in PLOS One.

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